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"Chiyo Sempai, is an amazingly talented, knowledgeable, patient and kind karate instructor. Prior to leaving Okinawa Karate-do UCSD, she taught my son Lucas karate for 5 years. Chiyo Sempai went out of her way to make herself available to give extra attention to students prior to testing and competitions. While watching her teach you could see that every detail and movement was important. My son learnt a great deal under her instruction. She instilled in him her love for karate such that he is going to continue all the way to black belt. Thank you so much Chiyo Sempai, you are missed."


"Chiyo was the first karate teacher for my twin sons when they began training at ten years of age.
Her knowledge, her firmness, her patience, her devotion to her art and her students is unparalleled.
I highly recommend her as an excellent karate instructor."


"Chiyo was an amazing Karate instructor for our son. Her direction instilled discipline and focus, gave him confidence, taught coordination and leadership... qualities he will draw on as he grows from carefree child to a responsible teen to a successful adult."
-Anthony & Sarah

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